Choosing a Photo


  • The quality, detail and realism of your pet’s portrait will be greatly determined by the quality of the photos you provide.
  • Choose a well detailed photo that shows how you want your pet posed for the painting. You may include other pictures that show details you want included in the painting.
  • Your pet’s eyes are a crucial part of the portrait. They are what bring personality and realism to the painting. The photos you provide should show their eyes clearly with accurate color.
  • If you are taking a picture specifically for the painting, take it outside if possible. Get down at your animal’s eye level, so you are not “on top” of them. Position your pet so the sun is directly in front of them, or at a slight angle to their face.
  • Never have the sun behind your pet because it will cause you animal to be in a shadow. Take several with the flash on and off to bring out the details in the eyes.